collaboration and communication

We offer advice and services to place your workforce in the best position to collaborate with each other on documents, customer records whilst keeping focus on the security and integrity of you information.

customer relationship management
The quality of communication between you and your customers, suppliers and partners is key to success of any relationship.  We can offer assistance in setting up complimentary solutions, processes and contracts to support the management of these relationships.

mobile working
An integral part of any modern work environment is the ability to work flexibly and on the move. Intelligent Information Partners has a strong background of enabling people and services to do just that, using the latest technology to support this rather than rule it.
paperless working
The concept of a paperless office has been around a while now, but it is essential to any business wishing to reduce their reliance on office space or a particular location. We can offer advice to move your historic paper files and your current processes into electronic format, further enabling you and your peers to work in a flexible fashion.
effective user support
User support can be the bug-bear of an office environment. Those niggling problems that haven't been resolved, or the major ones you expect to be dealt with more quickly. We have many contacts that can offer you a proven record of reducing costs and improved service levels with less overall costs - no more surprise invoices to fix simple problems!
contract negotiation
Using our shared background of business and IT contract negotiation of contracts up to £4m we can support you in the process and reduce risk.